Single Entry Accounting

The system of single entry system records each accounting transaction with a single-entry book keeping to the accounting registers, instead of the vastly more general double-entry book keeping system of rules. A single entry system is concentrated on the results of a business concern that are accounted in the earnings report. The center data covered in a single entry system is cash receipts and cash disbursements. Liability and asset records are generally not tracked in a single-entry system of book keeping and these particulars must be tracked individually.

A single Entry System is a process of keeping and maintaining the account statement similar to chequebook record and single line accounting entry is done in the journal (daybook) for each transactions. All transaction is described as negative or positive introduction.

A single entry system isn't in reality any organization.

It's just a try to maintain book of transaction that are happen in business concern by an individual who don't have knowledge of accountancy.

It's just an unfinished record which a small dealer is making who can not open an account writer for the similar.

It's a system of rules in which some time no issue of transaction is entered, once only 1 effect of transaction is entered and some time both effects of each transaction are entered is called single entry system of book keeping. A system in which both effects of every transaction are entered is known as double entry system of book keeping.

A single entry system in which once both aspect of transaction are entered, once 1 aspect of transaction is entered; once no aspect of transaction is entered it's known as single entry system of book keeping.

Single Entry System Definition

The single entry system is difficult to define because, as a matter of fact; there exist s no system like single entry system of book keeping. Generally, it's a defective double entry system of book keeping. Some system that comes short of complete double entry method is called single entry system of book keeping.


Difference between Single Entry System and Double Entry System

A single entry system or single entry book keeping is an accounting process which trusts on 1 side accounting system. Although double entry is usual one of business concern signs, a single entry is a bare important and very significant for small business signs. Once a few of these single entries would hold only data affecting cash (money), accountings due, accountings payable and taxations once information affecting assets, stock, expenses and incomes are not entered. So much non recorded data is preserved in the form of memorandums (memos). Much information is used in balance sheet and earnings report.

Single entry system example

1. Ramesh, is a merchant keeping his books of accounts under single entry system. He gave the following information:

Single Entry Accounting

During the year, Ramesh withdrew cash Rs. 5000 and goods worth Rs. 2000 for his personal use. Ramesh introduced Rs. 10000 as additional capital on 01.04.2008.


1. Machinery was depreciated by 5% per annum and write off Rs. 1000 from motor car.
2. Rent due but not received Rs. 1200 and outstanding salary Rs. 500.
3. Create R.B.D. at 5% and Write off bad debts Rs. 250 on debtors.
4. Including additional capital, allow interest on capital at 5%.


(i) Statement of affairs.
(ii) Statement of profit or Loss.
(iii) Revised Statement of Affairs.


Single Entry System

Single Entry Bookkeeping System

Revised statement of affairs as on 31.12.2008

Single Entry Accounting Example

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