The liabilities are money owed or money to a different company or individual by a different. In this there are 2 important liability classes, they are:

1. Current Liabilities
2. Long-Term Liabilities.

What is Liability

Current Liabilities

The current liabilities are liabilities that will be paid for in a short amount of time; that is twelve months or to a lesser extent.

Long Term Liabilities

The long-term liabilities are liabilities that will take longer than twelve months to final payment.

A responsibility that lawfully binds a company or individual to settle the debts. Once 1 is liable for the debts, they're responsible for paying the debts or settling an unlawful act they may have charged. E.g., Suppose Robert hits James car, James is liable for the indemnity to Robert vehicle because James is responsible for the indemnity. And in the case of a business concern, the liabilities are recorded on the balance sheet and can include accounts due, taxations, salaries, increased expenses and deferred incomes. The current liabilities are debts payable within 1 yr, when long-term liabilities are debts due over a longer period of time.


The company's legal obligations or debts that arise on the course of business functioning's. The liabilities are settled over time by the transfer of efficient benefits including income, services and goods.

These are recorded on the balance sheet (on the right side); the liabilities include loans, accounts due, mortgages, accrued expenses and deferred revenues. The liabilities are an essential aspect of a company's functioning's since they are used to finance operations and pay for large elaborations. And they can as well make transactions between businesses more effective. E.g., outstanding money that a company owes to it is suppliers would be considered a liability (financial obligation).

The outside of finance and accounting this term simply refers to any income or service i.e. presently owed to another company. Indefinite form of liabilities, e.g.; would be the property taxes that a householder owes to the domestic politics.

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