Job Satisfaction

It is an individual's general attitudes towards his or her job. It is the amount of pleasure associated with a job. If a person likes his job, he experiences high job satisfaction. If a person dislikes his job, he experiences job dissatisfaction.

Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction Factors

1. Mentally challenging work: People prefer jobs that give them opportunities to use their skills and abilities. These characteristics make the job challenging. Jobs that have little challenge become boring. Too much challenge can also create illustration and feeling of failure,


2. Equitable rewards: Employees want a pay system which is according to their expectations. If the pay is fair and based on skill level and performance, satisfaction is likely. Employees seek fair promotion. Promotion provides opportunities for growth, more responsibilities and increased social status. Employees have job satisfaction if promotion decisions are made in fair manner.

3. Supportive working condition: Employees prefer an environment that is not dangerous or uncomfortable. Temperature, light, noise, cleanliness of the surroundings influence job satisfaction.

4. Supportive colleagues: There is increased job satisfaction if there are good co-workers working with same attitudes and values.

5. Personality job fit: There should be an agreement between the employee's personality and his occupation. If the personality and job do not match, it is likely that the employee faces job dissatisfaction.

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