Value System

Value system represents a basic belief that a particular conduct is personally or socially preferable or not.

Value System

Example: Is punishment is right or wrong. If a person likes power, is it good or bad.

Values are important because they influence our perception. They lay the foundation for the understanding of attitudes and motivation.

Example: Suppose a person enters an organization with the view that pay given on the basis of performance is right and pay given on the basis of seniority is wrong. If the organization rewards seniority and performance, the person is likely to get disappointed and this can lead to job dissatisfaction.

Sources of Value Systems

Our value system develops from the following sources.


Significant portion of our value system is genetically determined. Though genes are responsible for a part of our value system, it could be altered due to environmental factors.


Certain values are reinforced by culture.

Example: Certain cultures consider values like achievement, peace, co-operation, equity and democracy desirable.


Parents, teachers, friends

Values are established by our parents, teachers, friends and others. Many of our values are derived from the views expressed by our parent's teachers and friends.

Other Value Systems

Our value system may get altered as we grow up and get exposed to other value systems.

Types of values

Values can be broadly classified into 2 types:

1. Terminals.

2. Instrumental.


These are the goals that a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime. Example: a comfortable life, a world at peace, wisdom, salvation etc.


These are a means of achieving the terminal values. Example: Ambitious, broadminded, cheerful, clean, forest, forgiving, courageous, obedient, polite etc.

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