The biology is a natural science related with the study of living and life beings including their function, maturation, evolution, structure, origin, taxonomy and distribution. The Sub-disciplines of biology are recognized on the basis of the shell at which organisms are analyzed and the processes used to study living organisms: the molecular biology studies the difficult interactions of systems of living things;

The cellular biology studies the basic unit of all life of the organisms, the cell in the body; the physiology studies the chemical and physical functions of the organs, organ system and tissues of an being and the ecology studies how different beings association and interact with their surroundings.

What is Biology

Biology Definition

The subject biology is defined as a natural science which examines living beings and how they interact with one another and their surroundings.

The biology is defined as the characteristic phenomena or life processes of a category or group of living beings.


Importance of Biology

The biology is ascertained as the most significant area of study and this will continue to be the most significant, because it's the area that has displayed facts that have taken us wherever we're nowadays. It's essential to note here that all the success entered in other branches of knowledge is dependent on the realities revealed by the studies carried through in the field of biology subject.

The biology is very significant as it allows telling us about the natural world around the living beings. The biology can tell us about the physical makeup of our physical structure which enables us to develop treatments and cures for many diseases in the world. Biology can as well tell us about the bodies of other creatures so we can provide clinical treatments for farm animals and pets.

The biology as a separate science was developed in the 19th century as scientists claimed that organisms shared fundamental features. The biology is now a standard subject of education at universities and around the universe and over a million documents are published every year in a wide array of medicine journals and biology.

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