Chemistry is defined as the mixture and collection of pure materials simply mixed collectively. It is composition of uncertain chemical components.

What is Chemistry

History of chemistry

Once upon a time the chemistry was easy to define, the custom definition becomes something like this it states: the chemistry is the study of the properties, composition of matter and nature and how these go through chemicals. The chemistry served as a absolutely adequate definition as late as the thirties, once natural science (a systematic knowledge of the surroundings) appeared quite clearly separable into the biological science and physical science, in the former being consisted of chemistry, geology and astronomy and later consisting of zoology and botany. These sorting is still practiced, just the growth of important areas to learn such as pharmacy, biochemistry, oceanography, pale botany, meteorology, e.g., it made it more and more clear that the dividing lines between the sciences are no more at all perceptive.

The important point to remember is that chemistry is a science (skill) which involves it is procedures are reproducible and systematic and it is hypotheses are examined using the scientific process.


The chemistry is closely related to biology and to physics. The same true for other sciences. The Mathematics is a necessary tool for the study of chemical science.

The chemistry isn't an isolated condition for it blends into biology and physics. The beginning of the term is isolated.

Meaning of chemistry

The subject chemistry is the study of energy and matter and the interactions between the things. And this is as well the definition for physical science, incidentally. The chemistry tends to focus on the substances properties and the interactions between different kinds of substance, especially reactions that involve electrons (negatrons). The physics tends to focus more on the nuclear part of the molecule, also as the microscopic region. Actually, they're 2 faces of the same coin. The chemistry plays a significant part in all of the other raw skills, basic and employed.

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