Chemical Reaction

The chemical reactions occur if bonds are broken or formed between particles. How come certain particles combine with which other atoms is a difficult question which is explained thoroughly by quantum chemical science. And the simple version is that atoms bond collectively electro-magnetically based on the properties of their electron (negatron) plates. In this there are different kinds of chemical bonds, generally, a few closely related the electron shells are the stronger the bonds are. The chemical reactions happen when radiation, heat, or/and foreign chemicals rise up a balance condition and cause the breakage or/and formation of chemical bonds thereby bringing about to new molecular kinds.

What is Chemical Reaction

The above diagram explains how two different molecules give birth to water (h2o)

Definition of Chemical Reaction

Chemical reaction is defined by the re-arrangement of molecules from the reactant side of the equation to the product position. It is a bit like square dance because at any given time you may have another partner than once you began but irrespective how you re-arrange a dancer you all of the time have the same individual.


The chemical reaction is defined as a process in which 1 or more materials. The reactants are converted to 1 or more other materials the productions. Materials are either chemical compounds or elements. Chemical reaction re-arranges the component atoms of the reactants to create different substances as products or materials.

What is Chemical Reaction Rate

Rate of change in the absorptions of the products and reactants can be used to characterize the rate of the chemical reactions.

A few reactions are not a hundred percent complete, still after an infinite time period - It remains as a mixture of products and reactants later all visible reaction has discontinued. The competition exists between reverse and forward reactions and equilibrium is a term of balance between these reacting methods.

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