English Language

The story (history) of the 'English language' actually started with the reaching of 3 Germanic tribes who occupied Great Britain during the fifth century AD (anno Domini). All these tribes, the Saxons, the Jutes and the Angles, passed over the North Sea from what now is northern Germany and Denmark.

In past, the inhabitants of Great Britain spoke a Celtic language speech. Simply most of the Celtic talkers were advertized invaders of north and west - right now what is at present Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Men came by 'England' and 'Englisc' called as their language name - by which the words 'English' and 'England'.

What is English

English Language

The language is widely spoken almost all over the world, mostly 6 continents in the world and it's the basic language of the Britain, Canada, Ireland, U.S, Australia, New Zealand and different Pacific and Caribbean island countries, it's as well an official language of India (bharat), Philippines and several sub-Saharan African nation.


It's one of the most widely spoken languages in the globe, mother tongue of more than 300 million people and the most widely learned foreign languages. The English relies primarily on word manner (commonly subject-verb-objects) to indicate relationships between phrases (sentence structure). Composed in the alphabet in Latin, its most closely related to German, Dutch and France.

English Alphabets

English has total of 26 alphabets in it. Every English letters can be written as small letter or capital letter. You will learn where to place capital letter and small letters in any English sentence or paragraph on our next chapters.

Below is the list of English alphabets both placed together, for example: 'A' is capital letter and 'a' is small letter.

English Alphabets

Grammer Topics

Sentence Formation
Noun and Verb
Simple Sentence, Clause & Phrase
Objective Complement
Intransitive Verb
Noun and Pronoun
Types of Sentences
Finite Verb
Prefixes and Suffixes
Semi Colon

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