Noun and Verb

Of all the other functions, the important function of a Noun is its function as the Subject in a sentence.

It may be noticed here that:

1. All Subjects Are Noun and also

2. No Predicate can be formed without a Verb.

Since no sentence can be formed without a subject and a predicate, for the structure of a sentence, the most essential Parts of Speech are Noun and Verb.


Verb and the Structure of a Sentence

All this stage let us broadly understand the two different classification of Verbs - Finite and Non-Finite Verbs.

According to its function in a sentence, a Finite Verb may be described as a Verb having a Subject of its own whereas a Non-Finite Verb never has a subject with it. In other words, a Finite verb as an agreeable relation with the subject and the Non-Finite Verb have none.

Identification of a Finite Verb is vitally important to identify the various other structural components of a sentence. After initial identification of the Finite Verb in its form by appearance, it has to be further confirmed whether the verb has a subject.

It is very easy to identify the subject once the Finite Verb is identified. It can be done in a simple, mechanical way. If we question the Finite Verb with "Who" or "What" and get an answer to that question, the answer will be the Subject.

This will also confirm whether the verb is a Finite Verb or not.

For example, let us take the following sentences:

a. The tree is tall.

b. Robin has gone home.

In the first sentence "the tree" is the answer to the question - "What is?" and the second sentence "Robin" is the answer to the question - "Who has gone?" "The tree" and "Robin" are subjects in these sentences.

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