Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes or Suffixes are added to words in forming new words. A Prefix is added to the beginning of a word whereas a Suffix is added to the end of a word. Though there exists a large number of Prefixes and Suffixes in English language, we have selected only those which are most frequently used in our current usage.

English Prefixes

A - On, in; abreast, aboard, ashore, ajar, asleep

A - Out, from; arise, awake, alight

For - thoroughly; forgive, forget

Fore - before; forecast, forego, foretell

In - in; income, inland, indebted

Mis - wrong, wrongly; misconception, misguide, mislead

Over - above, beyond; overcome, overflow, overcharge

To - this; today, tonight, tomorrow

Un - not; untrue, unkind, undisturbed

Un - to reserve an action; untie, undo, unwind, unfold

Under - beneath, below; undergo, underground, undercharge

With - against, back; withdraw, withhold, withstand

Latin Prefixes

Ab (a, abs), from, away; abuse, averse, abstract.

Ad (ac, af, aq, al, an, ap, ar, as, at, a) to; adjoin, accord, affect, aggrieve, allege, announce, appoint, arrest, assign, attach, avail.

Ambi (amb, am), a both sides, around; ambiguous, ambition, amputate.

Ante (anti, an), before; anticipate, antedate, ancestor.

Bene, well; benefit, benefactor.

Bis (bi, bin) twice, two; biscuit, bisect, binocular.

Circum (circu), around; circumference, circuit.

Con (col, com, cor) with, together; contend, collect, combine, correct.

Contra (counter), against; contradict, counteract.

De, down; descend, depose, dethrone.

Dis (dif, di) apart; disjoin, differ, divide.

Demi, half; demlgod.

Ex (ef, e), out of; extract, effect.

Extra, beyond, outside of; extraordinary, extravagant.

In (il, im, ir, en, em), in, into; invade, illustrate, immerse, irrigate, enact, embrace.

In (il, im, ir), not; insecure, illegal, imprudent, irregular.

Inter (intro, enter), among, within, intervene, introduce, entertain.

Mala (mal), ill, badly; malevolent, malcontent.

Non, not; nonsense.

Ob (oc, of), in the way of, against, object, occupy, offend.

Pen, almost; penultimate, peninsula.

Per, through; pervade.

Past, after; postpone, postdate, postscript.

Pre, before, prefix, prevent.

Pro (por, pur), for; pronoun, portray, pursue.

Re, back, again; reclaim, refund, renew, return.

Retro, backward; retrospect, retrograde.

Se (sed), apart, separate, seduce, sedition.

Semi, half; semicircle, semifinal, semicolon.

Sub (sue, suf, sug, sum, sup, sur, sus), under, subdue, succeed, suffer, suggest, summon, support, surmount, sustain.

Super, above; superfine, superfluous, superstructure.

Trans (tra, tres), across; transmit, traverse, trespass.

Vice, in the place of, vice-principle, vice-president.


Greek Prefixes

A (an), without, not; atheist, apathy, anarchy.

Amphl, around, on both sides; amphitheater.

Ana, up, back; anachronism, analysis.

Anti (ant), against; antipathy, antagonist.

Apo (ap), from; apology.

Arch (archi); chief; archbishop, architect.

Auto, self; autocrat, autobiography, autograph.

Cata, down; catastrophe, catalogue.

Di, twice; dilemma.

Dia, through; diagonal, diameter.

Dys, badly; dyspepsia, dysentery.

En (em) in; encyclopedia, emblem.

Epl, upon; epilogue, epitaph.

Eu, well, eulogy.

Ex (ec), out of; exodus, eccentric.

Hemi, half; hemisphere.

Homo, like; homogeneous.

Hyper, over, beyond; hyperbola, hypersensitive.

Meta, implying change; metaphor, metamorphosis.

Mono, alone, single; monologue, monopoly.

Pan, all; panorama, pantheism.

Para, beside, by the side of; parallel, paradox, parasite.

Peri, round; period, perimeter.

Philo (phil), love; philosophy, philanthropy.

Pro, before, prophecy, programme.

Syn (sym, syb, sy) with, together, synonym, sympathy, syllable, system.

English Suffixes

Of Nouns

(a) It denotes an agent or doer.

-er (- ar, - ou, - yer), "painter, beggar, sailor, lawyer".

-ness; darkness, boldness, sweetness.

-red; kindred, hatred.

-ship; hardship, friendship, lordship.

-th; health, growth.

(c) It forms diminutives.

-el (-le); satchel, girdle, handle.

-en; maiden, chicken, kitten.

-kin; napkin.

-let; leaflet, booklet.

-ling; deciding, darling, weakling.

Of Adjectives

-ed, having, gifted, talented, learned, wretched.

-en, made of, wooden, golden, woolen, earthen.

-ful, ful of, hopeful, fruitful, joyful.

-ish, somewhat like; boorish, reddish, childish.

-less, free from, without; fearless, shameless, hopeless.

-ly, like, manly, lively, saintly.

-some, with the quality of, handsome, wholesome, quarrelsome.

-ward, inclining to; forward, wayward.

-y, with the quality of; wealthy, healthy, greedy, thirsty, dirty, needy.

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