Jigs and Fixtures

The productivity and economics of machining workpiece in a large quantity is greatly affected with the use of tools and workholding devices like jigs and fixtures. These devices reduce the production cost and ensure interchangeability of machined workpieces.

They are defined as under:


It is a device which removes material from a workplace under stable conditions and gives it desired shape and size.

These may be of the following types:

a. Single-point tools.

b. Multiple-edge tools.

c. Non-mechanical or noncontact tools.

d. The press which is used to handle these tools itself is called machine tools.


It is a device which holds and locates a work piece and guides and controls one or more cutting tools.


It is a device which only, holds and locates a workpiece during an inspection or for a manufacturing operation.


Types of Jigs and Fixtures

The type of jig and fixture totally depends on the type of work to be machined and its quality required. Some simple drill jigs are as below:

1. Template jig
2. Plate jig
3. Diameter jig
4. Channel jig
5. Ring jig
6. Box jig
7. Leaf jig

Advantages of Jigs and Fixtures

(i) They eliminate the marking out, measuring and other setting methods before machining.

(ii) They enable production of identical parts which are interchangeable.

(iii) They increase the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

(iv) They increase the production capacity of the man and machine.

(v) They reduce the operator's labour and consequent fatigue to him.

(vi) They enable semi-skilled operator to perform the operation, which saves the labour cost.

(vii) They minimize the expenditure on the quality control of finished products.

(viii) They reduce the overall cost of machining by fully or partly automatizing the processes.

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