Industrial Waste Treatment

Industrial Waste Treatment Process Engineering is a step-by-step implementation manual in three volumes, detailing the selection and design of industrial liquid and solid waste treatment system. It consolidates all the process engineering principles required to evaluate a wide range of industrial facilities, starting with pollution prevention and source control and ending with end-of-pipe treatment technologies.

This three volume set is a practical guide for environmental engineers with process implementation responsibilities, a one stop resource for process engineering requirements-from plant planning to implement specific treatment technologies for unit operations, a comprehensive reference for industrial waste treatment technologies.  The contents of Volume include, aeration, aerobic biological oxidation; activated sludge system; biological oxidation; lagoons; biological oxidation; fixed film processes; aerobic digesters; anaerobic waste treatment, anaerobic sludge treatment, and sedimentation.

Protection of environment, reduction of wastes at source with continuing enforcement and monitoring activities.

1.  Conservation and enhancement of life support systems like land, water, forests, biodiversity ocean and the atmosphere giving ecological security.

2.   Properly treating or converting the pollutants into useful products and there by reducing their negative impacts.

3.  Promotion of suitable measures and technologies for recycling/reusing.

4.  Emphasizing the environmentally safe waste disposal options viz, compositing of all organic wastes, common facilities for bio-medical wastes, etc.

5.  Maintaining essential ecological processes to ensure genetic diversity and prevent environmental degradation.

6.  Promoting the active participation of people at all the levels - from the village panchayat to the State as a whole-in the preservation of the environment and promotion of sustainable development through awareness campaign.

Objectives of Industrial Waste Treatment

The objectives of the waste treatment are:

1)  To recover the material or energy resources from the waste.

2)  To neutralize the waste.

3)  To reduce the volume of waste.

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