The math is defined as the study of figures, amounts, patterns, and measuring and how they connect to one another.

Symbols used in math

1. "+": This symbol is used to add the numbers to get the total value.
2. "-": This symbol is used to subtract the numbers to get the remaining value.
3. "x": This symbol is used to multiply the numbers to get the combination of two or more numbers.
4. "÷": This symbol is used to divide the numbers to get the remainder and the quotient value.

History of Mathematics

Mathematics started long time ago, may be around 6th BC by Pythagoreans who gave the Name Mathematics meaning "subject of instruction". Chinese developed the Place Value system.

India contributed towards Number system, Fractions, Decimals through Aryabbatta, charaka, BanaBhatta, Ramanujam and manymore science.

In the process of development, Mathematics has been divided into following divisions.


Algebra is a branch of mathematics. It is divided into these types

1. Linear Equations
2. Algebraic Equations
3. HCF and LCM
4. Quadratic equations
5. Matrices and determinants
6. Vectors
7. Sets
8. Relations
9. Functions
10. Groups



Geometry is a branch of mathematics. It deals with study of shapes, Areas, angles and their Properties. It has the following divisions

1. Study of polygons and properties
2. Learning constructions.
3. Co-ordinate Geometry.
4. Trigonometry.

In our coming sections we shall cover deeply all the topics in detailed way.

Next Chapters

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