MOT Protocol

As the capabilities of receiver are different it should be possible for all types of receivers to at least recognize the program associated and program independent data and process some of the data.

To overcome this problem, DAB defines a special protocol called the MOT protocol. The primary goal of MOT is to support different data formats such as MHEG (Multimedia and Hypermedia Information coding Experts Group), HTML, HTTP, BMP (Bitmap), GIF (Graphic Interchange format).

Here data is transferred in the form of MOT objects each consisting of a header core, header extension and a body.

1.    Header core

It is a 7 byte field that contains the size of the header and the body and the type of content present in the body.

2.    Header extension

It is of variable size and contains additional information such as the segmentation information, priority of data etc.

3.    Body

Any type of data can be placed in the body field. It is also of variable size.

Multimedia Object Transfer Protocol

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