Network Classes

Primarily there are 3 types of Network Classes viz:

1.    Class A

2.    Class B

3.    Class C

In case of Class A network, each consistent network will have a number of hosts with very few numbers of consistent networks.

In case of Class B network, there are moderate numbers of networks each with moderate number of hosts.

In case of Class C network, there are a large number of networks each having very less number of hosts.

As discussed earlier, an IP address is of 2 bit length and each IP address is divided into 2 parts viz:

1.    Net ID and

2.    Host ID

For a class-A IP address, as there is very less number of networks but each with more number of host’s one octet is used for netID and 3 octets are used for HostID.

For a class-B IP address, as there are moderate number of networks as well hosts, two octets are used each for net ID and host ID.

For a class-C IP address, as there are more number of networks each with less number of hosts net ID is of 3 octets length and host ID is of one octet length.

The syntax of class A, B, C IP address is shown below.

Network Classes

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