Kinematics is the study of objects in motion, there velocity, acceleration and momentum.

Example: Train moving, moving water in a river.

What is Kinematics

What is momentum?

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Example when a heavy truck is moving it requires high momentum and to move a small tennis ball it requires less momentum.

Momentum Principle

We can connect a force to momentum p= mv differentiate this on both sides with respect to t.

dp/dt = m dv/dt but a = dv/dt p= ma =f , so here we a can clearly come to conclusion that the momentum applied to the body is directly proportional to the force applied on it .

Heavier the mass, larger the momentum is and lesser the mass, lower the momentum is.

Conservation of Momentum

In a closed region the total momentum is said to be conserved as told by newton's third law of motion.

Example: when two elastic balls are colliding with each other than their total momentum is conserved

that is m1v1 = -m2v2

Conservation of Momentum


Elastic Collision

Elastic collision is one in which there is no loss of kinetic energy. There are no two bodies which are so perfectly elastic. Thus this is a theoretical purpose. Practically it is impossible to have two perfectly elastic bodies.

Angular Momentum

Any body rotating around its axis of symmetry is called angular momentum. It's the product of measure of inertia of a body *angular velocity L = I w. Where I is the moment of inertia and w = angular velocity.

Angular Momentum

Conservation of Angular Momentum

Conservation of Angular Momentum

In the above diagram we can see that tornado rotating with high speed blowing away all the particles from its surrounding is an example of conservation of angular momentum. One form of energy is being converted into another form of energy.


Energy is the amount of work done in doing some useful thing.

Example: displacing the table from one place to another place we spend energy here by displacing the ball.

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