Suppose somebody asks you how much time you have taken to reach home in train from Francisco to New York then you might say that I reached home in 4hrs. From this we come to conclusion that the train would have travelled at velocity of 350miles/ hr or something like that. Hence we have used the term Velocity over here. So now we shall define.

What is velocity?

Velocity is defined as the displacement of the body in a given time. It is a vector quantity, as we have used the term displacement (distance travelled in one particular direction).

Mathematically Velocity = Displacement/Time

Uniform Velocity

When a truck travels in equal distances in equal intervals of time then we say that the body has got a uniform velocity.

Uniform Velocity Example

In the above example a truck is traveling at 5 miles in all the positions at A, B, and C and all in the intervals of 5 minutes each.


Newton's first law of Motion

It states that everybody continuous to be in the state of rest unless it is disturbed by an external agent.

Example : When a book is at rest unless you move it, the book lies at rest, when you want to displace it you need to apply the force, this is known as external force.

Newton's Second law of Motion

The rate of change of momentum is directly proportional to the applied force and acts in the direction of that force. F=ma.

Example : When you accelerate a bike, then it will move according to the force that you have accelerated mass remaining the constant.

Newton's third law of motion

For every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

Example : Recoiling of a Gun when you shoot a bullet, then the bullet moves forward and the gun recoils backwards.


Momentum is the product of mass and velocity M = m * v Here, m denotes mass and v denotes velocity.

Example: We say that a foot ball has acquired a momentum has the player kicked it.

1. Angular momentum: When a body moves we just say that it has acquired momentum, but if it also rotates while moving we say that the body has gained angular momentum also called Torque.

Example: When a football player kicks the ball then we see that the ball not only moves but also slightly rotates.

Angular Momentum

2. Impulse of a force : When a body experiences a sudden force for a short interval of time it is referred as Impulse of a force.

Example: The striking of a thunder on the building a large force acting for few seconds which indicates Impulse of a force.

Centripetal Force

The force which acts towards the center from the observer is called centripetal force.

Centrepetal Force

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