Satellite Applications

Satellites are used in a number of areas that are discussed below:

Satellite Applications

1.    Weather Forecasting

Satellites can be used to take pictures of the earth using the satellite we can predict the rainfall, temperature etc during the next 24 hrs.

2.    Radio and TV broadcasting

Several TV and radio channels use satellite for broadcasting their environment programs.

3.    Military Purposes

Military personnel can communicate in a more secured manner by making use of separate satellite for communication.

4.    Navigation

To determine the exact location of ships, aircrafts, etc a special service called GPS (Global Positioning System) can be used with the help of a satellite.

5.    Global Telephone Backbones

Satellite can also be used for telephone conversation such satellite are called as geo-stationary satellite.

6.    Connections to Global Network

Few countries cannot afford to have fixed wired networks so as to connect to interact. In such countries, satellites are used.

7.    Global Mobile Communication

So as to extend the area of coverage, we can use satellites that are placed at lower orbits. These orbits can be used for global mobile communication.

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