Renewable Sources of Energy

The renewable energy sources are frequently considered alternative source since, many industrialized countries don't rely on them by their important source of energy. Rather, it tends to rely on sources of non-renewable such as nuclear power or fossil fuels. As the energy crisis in the America during the seventies, decreasing supplies fossil fuel and its hazard associated with nuclear energy, utilization of renewable energy sources has increased such as geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and biomass.

Solar Energy

The solar energy is the simple energy source driving the environment. Although only 1 billionth of the energy that leaves the sunlight actually reaches the surface of the earth and this is more than adequate to meet the requirement of world's energy. As a matter of fact, each other sources of energy, the non-renewable and renewable are in reality stored forms of solar power.

Solar Energy Pictures

The method of directly changing solar energy to electricity or heat is considered renewable sources of energy. The solar energy represents a basically limitless supply of energy as the Sunday will long outlast human civilization on the globe and the difficulties lie in harnessing the energy.

Hydroelectric Energy

The hydroelectric power is generated by using the energy of flowing water to power generating turbines for producing electrical energy. Nearly the hydroelectric power is generated by dams across rivers large-flow. The dam built across river makes a reservoir behind that and the height of the H2O behind the dam is larger than that the dam below, representing stored potential energy.

Hydroelectric Energy

Once the water flows down through the water gate of the dam and driving the turbines, a few of this potential energy is converted into electrical energy. The hydroelectric power like other alternative sources is relatively cheap and clean cheap over the long term still with first construction upkeep and costs.


Wind Energy

The wind is the effect of the sun's unequal atmosphere heating. The warm air rises and expands and cools air shrinks and contracts. This motion of the air is called wind power. The wind has been used for millennia as a source of energy.

Wind Energy Pictures

The wind has been used to pump H2O, to mill grains and to power ships. The areas with strong and constant winds can be used by wind turbines to generate electrical energy.

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