The oxygen is tasteless, colorless, odorless gaseous chemical element which comes out in great abundance in our world. Several people are familiar with oxygen gas because it's an essential element of our breathing purpose, without oxygen gas almost all beings will die within minutes. The number of forms of oxygen compounds and oxygen can be found in environment.

What is Oxygen

Eight is the atomic number for oxygen gas and it's described by an 'O' symbol on the periodic table of components. As well the living being very widely shared out on environment, the oxygen is as well the 3rd most abundant component in the world and it's a key catalyst in many chemical reactions. An oxidation is 1 such chemical reactions and it occurs once oxygen mixes with other compounds and elements. An oxygen as well plays a role in burning.

In oxygen, there are many ways to extract pure oxygen gas. The water can be ionized forcing the hydrogen and oxygen atoms to divide. A few generally, yet, sample distribution of air are cooled down into a liquid form and then easy heated up. By the air heating up, the elements precipitate out in a method known as 'fractional distillation' method, since the different gaseous components change to a gas form at different temperatures degree. While distilled, the oxygen can be bottled for purpose.

What is Oxygen Cycle

The oxygen cycle is when say for example that you breathe in oxygen and then breathe out Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is released in the air and then the trees take in and then produce oxygen gas. Oxygen is released and then the cycle beginnings all over once again.


Uses of Oxygen

Oxygen has a number of uses in medical field. It's some of the times offered therapeutically to patients who are having trouble in breathing process. It is also well used in anesthesia mixing checking that the patient gets an orderly supply of oxygen while subconscious. An element as well plays a role in industry and welding making up combined with materials like alkynes; e.g., for making welding flashlights.

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