TCP/IP Applications

Some of the commonly used applications that can operate on top of TCP are

1.    SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

2.    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

3.    Telnet


The SMTP Provides mechanism for transferring message between different hosts. It does not specify how messages can be created. Once a message is created, using some tool, the SMTP sends the message to SMTP module present on the destination. The SMTP of the destination stores the incoming message in a user’s mail box.


The FTP Allows transferring of files from one system to another. It can send either text or binary files. Whenever a user wishes to transfer a file, the FTP sets up a TCP connection to the destination. Upon approving the file transfer, the destination sets up a second TCP connection for transfer.

The file is now transformed over this new data connection. Upon completion, the data connection is messaged.

However, the first control connection remains so as to allow next transfer.


The Telnet enables a user at a terminal or PC to log on to a remote computer and use it, as if he is directly connected with the remote system. There are two types of telnet namely.

1.    User telnet and

2.    Server telnet

1.    User telnet: Interacts with the I/O module of the terminal for communication.

2.    Server telnet: Interacts with an application that acts as a terminal handler so that the remove terminals appear as local to the terminal.

The traffic between the user and server telnet is carried on a TCP connection.

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