User Datagram Protocol

User datagram protocol provides a connectionless service for application level procedures. Hence it is an unreliable service. Though it is a connectionless service, it is still used because it does not involve the overhead of connection establishment, maintenance etc.

User Datagram Protocol

Inward Data Collection

In a real time monitoring system, the loss of a data unit occasionally, would not harm much because the next report would arrive very shortly. It involves active or passive sampling of data sources such as sensor, network components etc periodically.

Outward Data Disseminations

The outward data disseminations Involve broad casting messages to users about the inclusion of a mode or change of address of a mode etc.

Request Response

 The server keeps receiving the requests from a number of clients for various applications which are serviced depending upon the availability of the server.

Real Time Applications

In these applications, we cannot use connection oriented features such as re-transmission etc.

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