Statistics Introduction

Statistics can be explained as the category of math which is used for summarizing, interpreting and analyzing the things we observe to bring meaning or make sense for things we observe. For instance, the family counselor might use statistics for describing the patient's behavior or the effect of his treatment.

What is Statistics

Psychologists apply statistics in their job for summarizing the peer pressure among the youngsters for interpreting the cause. Similarly, a lecturer in the college might use statistics for surveys to summarize and interpreting the interest of that typical course. Hence, you might see statistics is applied on different fields of our work.

Types of Statistics

Statistics can be categorized into 2 types:

1. Descriptive Statistics: It is used for summarizing observations etc.

2. Inferential Statistics: It is used for interpreting the meaning of the descriptive stats. 

Types of Statistics

Importance of Statistics

1. Statistics makes the work simple & provides a clear picture on the work we do on daily basis.

2. The statistical methods helps us to research on different streams such as medicine, economics, business, social science and so on.

3. Statistics provides us different types of organized data with the help of graphs, diagrams and charts.

4. Statistics comes handy while we do critical analysis.

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