The term science comes from the Latin word 'scientia' which means "knowledge".

The science is an intellectual action carried on by human beings i.e. planned to discover data about the natural universe in which human beings live and to discover the methods in which this data can be organized into meaningful forms. Primary aim of science is to collect truths (information). A simple purpose of science is to distinguish the order that exists amongst and between various information.

What is Science

The science involves more than the gaining of knowledge in the subject. It's the organized and systematic inquiry into the natural universe and it is importances. The science is about gaining an often and deeper useful understanding of the universe.

Science Definition

The science is defined as a regular observation of happenings and circumstances in order to discover realities about them and to develop laws and rules based on this information.

The Science is defined as the organized physical structure (body) of knowledge i.e. derived from such notices and that can be tested or verified by further research.


Importance of Science

Importance of science is to read the way things play and to not only practice these advances to our advantage (reward), simply to help control and maintain certain environments to keep animal life secure. The science as well helps us find out cures to many diseases like AIDS and cancer.

The science makes fear with the world that simple mythology can't. Support your front step and think about the complexity of everything you can ascertain. Chemistry and biology and physics present in every square meter of your front yard are too much for some human to decipher separately.

The science is a way of passing knowledge from 1 generation to some other. And so we can build our corporate knowledge to solve increasingly complex troubles related to our productivity, existence and happiness. The science helps us make researches of non- living and living thing in our universe. The science is the answer to all horrifying doubts.

The science does not promote violence but it teaches truths. The science teaches part of each individual in this creation.

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