The word that tells something more about a Noun in a sentence is called an Adjective. An adjective qualifies a Noun or a Pronoun, telling something more about its quality, quantity or number.

For Example:

a. I live in a beautiful house.

b. Mr. Sen is an honest man.

c. Give me more food.

Here, 'beautiful', 'honest' and 'more' tells something more about the noun 'house', 'man' and 'food' respectively and hence they are all Adjectives.


Types of Adjectives

Adjectives are used in three types - Positive Degree, Comparative Degree and Superiative Degree.

For example, 'good' is in the form of Positive Degree and its forms in Comparative and Superiative Degree are 'better' and 'best' respectively. Given below is a list of Adjectives in different Degrees.

Positive Comparative Superlative
Fine finer finest
Good better best
Bad worse worst
Deep deeper deepest
Well weller wellest
Small smaller smallest
Thin thinner thinnest
Thick thicker thickest
Fat fatter fastest
Great greater greatest
Brave braver bravest
Hot hotter hottest
True truer truest

In all Adjectives of more than two syllables and in most Adjectives of two syllables the comparative is formed by adding more and superlative is made by adding 'most' before the adjective. Incidentally, a syllable is the smallest unit sound made by vowel/vowels with or without one or more consonants. For example in the word 'beautiful' there are three unit sounds; (i) beau (ii) ti (iii) ful

The following are few examples of such adjectives:

BeautifulMore beautifulMost beautiful
Dangerous More dangerous Most dangerous
Likeable More likeable Most likeable
Famous More famous Most famous
Useful More useful Most useful
Backward More backward Most backward
HarmfulMore harmfulMost harmful
AwkwardMore awkwardMost awkward
Difficult More difficultMost difficult

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